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Sailing from Parksville to Tribune Bay:
Excursions Worth Taking from Parksville

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Discover one of BC's most beautiful spots when you stay at Beach Acres Resort. Let's embark on a journey to the stunning Tribune Bay, just a short sail away from the tranquil width of Parksville's coastline.

Setting Sail from Parksville

Beach Acres Resort serves as your ideal launching point for maritime adventures. Imagine hoisting the sails on a clear morning, with the tranquil waters beckoning you towards Tribune Bay. Parksville's prime location offers easy access to local marinas where your nautical journey may begin.

Taking BC Ferries to Hornby Island

Setting sail to Hornby Island from Parksville is an adventure that begins with a scenic drive to Buckley Bay, situated along Highway 19. From Buckley Bay, passengers can take the BC Ferries route to Denman Island, a peaceful prelude that offers ever-changing seascapes and potential wildlife sightings. Upon reaching Denman Island, a brief drive across its picturesque landscape brings travelers to the Gravelly Bay ferry terminal. Here, adventurers board the second BC Ferries connector for a short trip to Hornby Island. Travelers should consult the BC Ferries schedule in advance to ensure smooth sailing. The transitions between ferries perfectly complement the exploratory spirit of a trip to Tribune Bay, adding to the allure of the journey from Beach Acres Resort.

After the ferry docks at Hornby Island, Tribune Bay is just a short drive away. Each leg of the journey from Parksville to Hornby Island adds to the overall experience, ensuring that your adventure begins from the moment you set out from the comfort of your Beach Acres Resort accommodation.

Tribune Bay: A Natural Marvel

Tribune Bay, located on Hornby Island, is often referred to as "Little Hawaii" of British Columbia. Its waters glisten under the sun, bordered by a wide arc of white sand that rivals tropical locales.

Sands as Soft as Memories

Luxuriate in the soft sands that promise unforgettable relaxation and the creation of cherished recollections. Tribune Bay's beach is perfect for picnics, sunbathing, or a casual stroll along the shoreline with the gentle hum of waves to accompany you.

Waters to Explore

Dip into the balmy waters for a swim, or try your hand at paddle-boarding or kayaking. Hornby Island's marine life offers delightful surprises for snorkelers and divers, with clear visibility revealing a vibrant underwater tableau.

Adventure on the Island

Tribune Bay is not only a haven for beach lovers but also a hub for explorers. The island's terrain is a hiker's dream, and with each step, the possibility of encountering local wildlife makes the experience exhilarating.

A Cave Explorer's Dream

Mudstone shores

For the more adventurous, Hornby Island's caving experiences are a must. Delve into the depths and marvel at the geological wonders that have been sculpted over millennia.

Local Artisans and Wineries

Local Artisans

Discover Hornby Island's artistic spirit by visiting studios, galleries and outdoor markets that showcase local talent. Pair the art with the taste of the island by stopping at the lauded local wineries for a sip of regional excellence.

Returning to Beach Acres Resort

As the day winds down and you sail back to Parksville, let the comforts of Beach Acres Resort embrace you. Our family-friendly accommodations, from panoramic ocean view townhouses to private forest cottages, await to round off your day with tranquil seaside serenity.

Embrace Each Season in Parksville

Whether you're seeking the sun-soaked days of summer or the quiet repose of the shoulder season, Tribune Bay is an alluring destination year-round, and Beach Acres Resort in Parksville is the perfect home base.

Seasonal Activities and Comforts

At the resort, the off-season reveals a different kind of tranquility, where you can enjoy the indoor heated swimming pool, the warmth of a fireplace, and the charm of the Black Goose Inn. For a more active day, rent a bicycle and explore the local trails.

A Safe Harbour for Every Explorer

Beach Acres Resort

Beach Acres Resort, with its unwavering dedication to customer service and creating memorable experiences, invites you on a voyage to Tribune Bay. It promises more than a getaway; it's a journey into the heart of Vancouver Island's majestic allure.

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