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Cycling on Vancouver Island

Cycling Vancouver Island: Discover Vancouver Island's Top Bike Trails

Vancouver Island offers some of Canada's most stunning landscapes, and what better way to experience them than from the saddle of a bike? Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, the island's diverse trails provide breathtaking views and thrilling adventures. Let's pedal through some of the top bike trails that make cycling on Vancouver Island an unforgettable experience.


The Lochside Trail: A Coastal Journey

Spanning 29 kilometers, the Lochside Trail invites riders to immerse in a mix of urban and rural scenery. Starting in the bustling city of Victoria, the trail winds its way through the Saanich Peninsula, past beaches and farmlands, reaching the peaceful town of Sidney. It's perfect for family rides or a full day of exploration, with plenty of spots to rest and soak in the coastal views.
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The Galloping Goose Regional Trail: History on Wheels

This 60-kilometer trail is a scenic journey that follows an old railway line. The Galloping Goose Trail offers a variety of landscapes, from urban corridors to lush forests and quiet waterways. Cyclists can relive the history of the region, pass through Roche Cove Regional Park, and even spot some local wildlife along the way.
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The Cowichan Valley Trail: Vineyards and Vistas

Cowinchan Valley Trail

Part of the Trans Canada Trail, the Cowichan Valley Trail serves up 122 kilometers of picturesque terrain. Riders can pedal across historic trestle bridges, through fragrant vineyards, and beside the Cowichan River, often bathed in the warmth of the island's sunniest region. This trail caters to cyclists looking for a more challenging ride that rewards with incredible sights and a taste of local wines.


The Alberni Inlet Trail: A Gateway to Wilderness

For those who crave a rustic ride, the Alberni Inlet Trail is among the most scenic cycling routes Vancouver Island has to offer. Offering a path into the heart of the island's untamed wilderness, this out-and-back trail stretches for 20 kilometers from Port Alberni to the head of the inlet. Its gravel paths and breathtaking views of the inlet make this trail a mountain biker's dream.


Parksville's Local Trails: Beach Views and Forest Hues

Sunset at Rathtrevor Beach

Closer to Beach Acres Resort, Parksville boasts a network of trails that cater to all abilities. Enjoy a gentle ride along the ocean’s edge, or take to the forest paths for a serene cycling experience. These local trails are moments away from your cozy Parksville retreat, allowing you to easily combine cycling with beach relaxation or a dip in the pool.

At Beach Acres Resort, we make it easy for you to start pedaling as soon as you arrive. With four brand-new bikes available to rent right here at the resort, you can save the hassle of transporting your own bike and still enjoy all that Parksville's trails have to offer. Our friendly front desk staff are always on hand to provide you with directions, suggestions for scenic routes, or print off trail maps for your convenience.

Our rental rates are designed to give you flexibility to suit your itinerary:

  • Quick rides: $15/hour
  • Half-day explorations: $35 for 4 hours
  • Full-day adventures: $50/day

Whether you're planning a short morning ride to invigorate your day or a full-day excursion to the enchanting landscapes of Vancouver Island, we have you covered. So gear up, grab a bike at Beach Acres Resort, and set out to discover the beauty and excitement of cycling in Parksville.


Oceanfront Rides: Tranquility on Two Wheels

Parksville's beachfront offers cyclists an idyllic setting to pedal in the sea breeze along smooth, accessible paths. The ride along the shoreline is easy-going and perfect for families or those seeking a calm ride with picture-perfect ocean views. Stop along the way to explore Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park’s extensive beach area or watch for birds and wildlife in their natural coastal habitats.

Top Bridge Trails: Adventure Awaits

For adventure seekers, the Top Bridge Trail is a must-ride. Accessible from Parksville's Industrial Park, this multi-use trail leading to Top Bridge Mountain Bike Park offers a variety of terrain for different skill levels. Riders can experience well-maintained paths, more technically challenging sections, and thrilling descents.
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The Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail: A Historic Journey

Connecting Parksville to the quaint village of Coombs, this rail trail offers a gentle ride through the forest and past local farms. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, the trail features a relatively flat gravel path, providing a scenic way to explore more of the region's natural beauty.

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Englishman River Trails: A Network of Discovery

Branching around the Englishman River, a network of trails offers both casual and enthusiastic bikers the chance to venture through lush woodlands and riverside vistas. Visit the Englishman River Falls Provincial Park for a refreshing ride with potential stops at breathtaking waterfall lookouts and serene picnic spots.


Cycling Safely and Respectfully

As you embark on these bike trails, remember to cycle safely and respectfully. Wear appropriate gear, familiarize yourself with trail rules, and always yield to pedestrians and other trail users. Vancouver Island's trails are shared spaces that treasure the island's natural beauty and foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts.


Cycling at Beach Acres Resort

After a day of exploration, Beach Acres Resort is a cyclist's haven. Our resort offers comfortable accommodations where you can rest and rejuvenate. With amenities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts, including secure bike storage and local trail information, Beach Acres is ideally situated as your cycling outpost. Cap off your day by unwinding on your private patio, reflecting on the day’s cycling journey amidst the tranquil backdrop of Parksville.

Cycling in and around Parksville is a rewarding way to experience Vancouver Island's scenery. From lovely coastal paths to forested trails rich with the scent of pine, the local routes promise memorable rides for every visitor. Whether you're here for a leisurely pedal or a challenging trek, Parksville's trails welcome cyclists to wheel into the heart of Island life.


Gulf Islands Cycling Escapades from Parksville

For an unforgettable day-long biking adventure, consider a day trip from Parksville to one of the Southern Gulf Islands. These charming isles offer a unique cycling experience, combining serene natural beauty with a touch of island culture. Whether you're boarding a ferry with your bike for a trip to Salt Spring Island, known for its artisanal shops and farmers’ markets, or venturing to Gabriola Island to explore its rocky shorelines, the Gulf Islands are a cyclist's delight.


Salt Spring Island: Creative Pedals

Famous for its creative vibe, Salt Spring Island provides ample cycling routes that lead to hidden studios, organic eateries, and picturesque vineyards. The island's rolling hills will challenge your cycling skills, but the rewards are panoramic vistas and a chance to immerse yourself in the local islander ethos.


Gabriola Island: Treasures on Two Wheels

Gabriola Island, a quick ferry ride from Nanaimo, offers a variety of cycling paths for all levels. Traverse the island to discover secluded beaches, the enchanting Malaspina Galleries, and historic petroglyphs, all at the leisurely pace of island time.


Pender Islands: A Dual Delight

The Pender Islands, made up of North and South Pender, are connected by a one-lane bridge and propose a diverse cycling journey. Climb challenging hills to be rewarded with incredible views of the surrounding marine landscape, or take a gentler ride through forested pathways leading to quiet coves.

Mountain Biking on Hornby Island: A Rider's Utopia

Hornby Island is a mountain biker's paradise, known for its sublime singletrack trails that carve through dense forests and open onto spectacular ocean vistas. The island's trail network, particularly the famous Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Park, offers routes that cater to a range of skill levels, from flowy, fun-packed tracks to technical challenges that will satisfy even the most experienced thrill-seekers. With its mix of natural beauty and expertly crafted trails, Hornby Island is an essential destination for mountain biking enthusiasts visiting from Parksville or anywhere on Vancouver Island.

Setting off from Parksville, your cycling excursion to the Gulf Islands offers a remarkable blend of natural splendors, cultural encounters, and serene ocean-side pedaling. It’s a perfect addition to your Vancouver Island cycling itinerary, promising rich experiences that only island hopping by bike can provide.


Biking on Vancouver Island is an adventure that connects you with nature's rhythm and renews your appreciation for the great outdoors. From serene coastal paths to exhilarating forest routes, the biking trails on Vancouver Island are as diverse as they are abundant. And for those staying at Beach Acres Resort, these trails are a pedal away from your home base, waiting to be explored. So, grab your bike and get ready to discover your favorite Vancouver Island trail.

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