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Helicopter Tours on Vancouver Island

Soar Above Vancouver Island With a Helicopter Tour

Embark on a breathtaking journey across Vancouver Island with 49 North Helicopters, located just an hour away from Beach Acres Resort. Offering a range of helicopter tours that showcase the island's diverse landscapes and stunning vistas, 49 North Helicopters provides the perfect adventure for visitors seeking a unique perspective of this beautiful region.

Discovery Tour

Experience a magnificent 20-minute flight along the Strait of Georgia, through the Discovery Passage, and around Quadra Island. Marvel at the surge narrows and the pristine coastal beauty from above, making it a perfect introduction to the aerial views of Vancouver Island. Priced at $195 per person, this tour is a fantastic way to glimpse the island’s majestic landscapes.

Desolation Sound Tour

For those looking for a more extended experience, the 45-minute Desolation Sound Tour offers a spectacular flight from the Discovery Islands to Desolation Sound. Enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, inlets, and wildlife, all from the comfort of your helicopter seat.
This tour costs $385 per person, with optional add-ons like a 15-minute stop on a secluded beach for $49, or a more indulgent 45-minute beach stop with a gourmet snack for $95. Alternatively, opt for a lunch stop at Dent Island Resort, where food and beverages are available at additional costs.

Comox Glacier Tour

The Comox Glacier Tour is an incredible 45-minute mountain flight that takes you over the Vancouver Island Mountain Range towards the famous Comox Glacier. This tour also offers a 15-minute mountain stop for $49 or a longer 45-minute stop that includes a gourmet snack for $95, providing ample opportunities to capture stunning photographs and enjoy the serenity of high alpine landscapes.

West Coast Glaciers Tour

Dive into a 90-minute West Coast Tour over the Mainland Glaciers, where you'll fly above the most remote inlets of British Columbia and access the Coast Mountain Range in a unique way. Priced at $770 per person, this extensive tour allows for a mountain stop with the option of a quick photo session or a longer relaxation break with snacks, priced similarly to other tours.

Specialized Adventures

49 North Helicopters also offers specialized adventures, including backcountry heli-access skiing, helicopter snowshoeing, and helicopter fishing trips. These trips are designed for those looking to combine their love for adventure with the thrill of helicopter flying. Whether you're dropping into fresh powder on a remote mountain peak or casting a line in pristine waters accessible only by helicopter, these experiences are tailored to make every moment unforgettable.

Wildlife Tours

In addition to breathtaking helicopter tours, 49 North Helicopters collaborates with local wildlife watching partners to offer an enriched experience of Vancouver Island's natural beauty. If you're intrigued by the diverse wildlife, consider pairing your aerial adventure with a guided wildlife tour. Take advantage of a special 10% discount on your helicopter tour when you book with one of their wildlife watching partners.

Enjoy whale watching, discover remote hiking trails, or simply enjoy the serene beauty along the coast of Vancouver Island. This combination offers a unique opportunity to witness the island's majestic landscapes and diverse ecosystems from both air and land.

For those planning a special occasion, such as a wedding or a proposal, 49 North offers exclusive packages that include helicopter flights to remote mountain peaks or alpine lakes, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your important moments.

Staying At Beach Acres Resort

Beach Acres Resort is the ideal home base for your exploration of Vancouver Island. Nestled in the heart of nature, yet conveniently located to access the island's top attractions, the resort offers a tranquil retreat after a day of adventure.

Whether you're taking to the skies with a helicopter tour, embarking on wildlife expeditions, or exploring the nearby hiking and biking trails, Beach Acres provides a comfortable and relaxing environment to return to. With our cozy accommodations and stunning ocean views, Beach Acres Resort ensures a memorable stay, blending exploration with relaxation for a truly comprehensive Vancouver Island experience.

If you’re staying at Beach Acres and looking for something extraordinary to do on Vancouver Island, consider a helicopter tour with 49 North Helicopters. It's not just a tour; it's an experience that lifts you above the ordinary, offering new perspectives and lasting memories. Book your tour and see Vancouver Island like never before!
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